Monday, January 18, 2016

Whisper Falls translated into Romanian

Whisper Falls has been translated into Romanian.  I received a copy today and love flipping through the pages.

I enjoy knowing about languages, so I asked my daughter, a linguistics enthusiast, about the Romanian language and she told me: " is a Romance language. It differs from languages like French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese which are all closely related. Because it is more distant from the Western European languages, it has been influenced by Slavic languages."

Here are a few photographs of Cascada şoaptelor.

The dedication: For Norah and Charlie... You are not forgotten.

And the first chapter of the book which (in English) is "A Den of Vice." (Google-translate puts the exact translation from Romanian as "A Place of Perdition.")

A Romanian reader on Goodreads posted some quotes from the book. Below is one of those quotes in Romanian and English.

Dintr-odată simt o sfială. Are o expresie anume întipărită pe faţă, o încordare a trupului pe care nu am mai sesizat-o la el până acum. Şi deşi n-aş şti cum să numesc emoţia asta, o simt şi eu. Între noi e ceva special. Ceva greu de definit. Ceva mai presus de prietenie.

- Trebuie să plec, spun şi mă salt pe vârfuri ca să-l sărut pe obraz, mirată de moliciunea pielii lui. Îţi mulţumesc pentru carte.

Mă trage într-o îmbrăţişare scurtă şi oftează.
- Mulţumesc pentru stele."
I knew a sudden shyness. There was a look on his face, a stillness to his body that had never been there before. Though I couldn’t give the emotion a name, I felt it, too. We had something special. Something hard to define. Something past friendship.

“I must go now,” I said and rose up on tiptoe to kiss his cheek, marveling at its velvet skin. "Thank you for the book."

He drew me into his embrace and sighed. “Thank you for the stars.”

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