Monday, January 25, 2016

David Bowie had Top 100 favorite books

When David Bowie passed away in January, there were many great articles about the man, his music, and his life.  One of the articles that intrigued me was the list of his Top 100 favorite books.

Part of the reason this article fascinated me so much is that I could never make that list. I can't think of 100 books (or even 10) that I would call "my favorites."

I read a lot. At least 100 books per year. I enjoy most of them, and if they're in a series, I will generally buy the sequels or companion books, just to follow the characters. But liking a book and putting it on a Top 100 list that I'd want to share?  That's something I'd struggle to do.

A Favorite authors list?  I could do that.  Laura Ingalls Wilder, Elizabeth George, Elizabeth George Speare, Sue Grafton, Nevada Barr, Dick Francis.  Most of these authors write suspense or classic YA/Children's.

I don't have any contemporary YA authors on that list. Maybe I should look harder. In the past year, I've a couple of books I might consider for a favorites list. I read a great book (with one of the finest, most impactful and unexpected scenes I've ever read in a book). It's by Elizabeth Wein, Code Name Verity (although I'm not sure I'd call it YA.) I recently finished Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins. It was great. I'll have to read more and see if she and her books can become favorites.

Maybe it's the word "favorites" that trips me up.  I like so many books and authors, it just seems too hard to pick out a few as the standouts.

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