Monday, January 11, 2016

Random images - great nieces

I visited my niece and her family in Alabama this summer.  Her two oldest daughters allowed me to braid their hair.

This may seem like an unremarkable event, but really it isn't. I love to braid hair. You would think--given I have two girls of my own--that I've had numerous opportunities to braid hair. You would be wrong.

For reasons unknown to me, my daughters were never particularly interested in letting me do anything frou-frou with their hair. Sigh.

Here are shots of my two beautiful great-nieces. (Trust me, they are beautiful from every viewpoint.)

On the same trip, I saw another niece (still "great" but not in the relative sense) and I braided her hair too. I have my fix taken care of for a while.

I must mention that I've recently had a birthday, and Older Daughter let me braid her hair. Simple gifts are the best!

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