Monday, October 20, 2014

Dream cast for Whispers from the Past

( Reposted from a guest post I wrote on Live to Read )

If I were the casting director for a film adaptation of the Whisper Falls series, I’d start the casting process with Mark. That actor has to be hot, athletic, and charming in a really nice, boy-next-door way. I’d want Brenton Thwaites.  (And his amber eyes are gorgeous!)

Susanna would be much harder to cast. She needs to have amazing chemistry with Mark—but still convey how quiet and repressed she is. The right actor would have to communicate so much emotion with just her eyes.  I visualize Susanna as having an ordinary appearance until she smiles—and then she’s beautiful.  I’m thinking Sarah Hyland (who is probably too pretty but that’s why we have makeup artists.)

I'd also like to mention my reasoning for the casting of Benita and Jesse.  They’re a biracial couple where the girl is taller than the guy. She needs to exude “musician” while he needs to be an adorable geek. I did find two actors who could be great, although probably not quite enough difference in height. But then, she could just wear heels!

So, here is my dream cast:

Mark Lewis = Brenton Thwaites
Susanna Marsh = Sarah Hyland

Jethro Pratt = Karl Urban
Dorcas Pratt = Sierra McCormick

Benita Adams = Taylor Swift
Jesse = Tequan Richmond

Gabrielle Stone = Victoria Justice
Marissa Lewis = Sasha Spielberg
Isaac Saunders = Seth Numrich

Did I leave out any characters that should also be cast?

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