Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Counting down from 7 weeks

Whisper Falls releases in 7 weeks. 49 days.

We signed the contract fifteen months ago. So you'd think I was used to waiting by now. But no. I'm thinking the next two months are going to be crazy-hard.

There are still things to do. I'm trying to savor them and distract myself from the waiting. It's not working yet.

  • We're in revisions for Books 2 and 3.  A Whisper In Time goes to copy-edits soon, so it's time to stop tweaking it. Plus we wrote the blurb, which was horribly difficult to make interesting without revealing too much of the ending from Book 1.
  • Blog interviews has already begun. I've been working on questions for a blogger in the United Kingdom today.
  • I ordered some author promo stuff in the past few days. Bookplates, bookmarks, and some adorable jewelry made from a miniature version of my book cover. Yeah, spending money can be distracting.
  • I did a research trip this weekend with my husband. We drove to the mountains of Virginia, which Mark (the heroine) will visit in book 2 and 3.  Just to make sure... I've been there before.
  • A few days ago, a book-reviewer in upstate New York tweeted about how much she'd enjoyed WF. We ended up direct-messaging for a half-hour, discussing plot points, characters, and sequels. I won't be able to do that with every reviewer, but it was loads of fun for that first time.

Yeah, November 19th, I'm ready for you to get here. Really.

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