Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Glimpse

I had my first glimpse at the book cover for Whisper Falls tonight.  My senior editor sent a mockup of the cover art.  I have two things to say.

  1. The mockup gives me chills. The cover art is going to be amazing. (Holy Moly. I have a photo concept for the cover of my book!)
  2. The editor really wants my feedback.  That is a rare thing in the publishing industry.  Most authors get the cover with a 'there it is.'  If the author doesn't like it, tough.  SpencerHill not only cares about my opinion, they are actively seeking it.  I love this publishing house.

Well, okay, maybe I have four things to say.

3) I did show it to my husband, and he got chills too. My younger daughter didn't like it (which was predictable. She's 17. 'Nuff said.)

4) I would love to send it to everyone and I can't.  Not yet.

But soon.  I promise.

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