Monday, December 18, 2017

Tuesday is Happy Book Birthday to Whispers on the River

December 19th is the book birthday for Whispers on the River.

It's been 3 years since Whispers from the Past (Book 3 in the Whisper Falls series by Elizabeth Langston) was published. I actually had the idea for the story then, but had to put off writing it until this year. So here it is, the 4th Whisper Falls book:

Forced to leave her childhood home, Abigail Clarke flees to the royal capital of North Carolina. She soon finds that there are few jobs for a girl who’s only been trained to be a gentleman’s wife or a healer. Starting over as Abby, she lies her way into a position as a maid in the royal governor’s household.

But her healing skills—and her magical talent for knowing—have drawn the attention of the governor’s stepson. Nathaniel Eton is charming, mysterious–and completely forbidden to a servant. Yet Abby can’t resist her fascination with him…until his secrets threaten to put the fragile, new life she’s created into jeopardy.

This book is set entirely in 1771; it is historical fiction with just a hint of magic. This book is in a form called a companion novella: companion--because it features two secondary characters from Whisper Fallsnovella--because it's a short novel, only 150 pages long. It is a "fish out of water" tale, with a Cinderella-like romance.

Whispers on the River releases Dec 19 on Amazon and Kobo. It releases Dec 26 on iBooks and B&N.

The pre-order price is 99 cents. It'll go up to $2.99 after releasing.



Have a happy holiday season!

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