Friday, May 6, 2016

Wish You Were Here - the 3rd I WISH book

Wish You Were Here will release on Monday, June 13. In this 3rd and final book of the I Wish series, Grant returns to help Sara Tucker through the hardest summer of her life.

She can't forget what she's lost. He reminds her there's more to be found.

Months after the loss of her twin, Sara Tucker still struggles to recover. She ought to be getting ready for college; instead, she's frozen in place. But when her plans for the future begin to unravel, Sara knows she can no longer handle her problems alone.

Grant is a supernatural being, dedicated to serving humans in need. He's enjoying his promotion to guardian, but he’s restless, too. There’s someone he met on a previous assignment that he wants to help--except Sara needs wishes, and Grant's not a genie anymore.

When his league accepts her case, Grant volunteers to go. As he works beside Sara to fix the mess of her life, they may both discover that, sometimes, the best way forward is to find a new path.

Wish You Were Here can be pre-ordered as an e-book on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and other online retailers.

The paperback will be out later in Summer 2016. Readers who prefer print books can watch goodreads or my newsletter for a future chance to win an advance paperback copy.

And check out my website for an excerpt from the first chapter of Wish You Were Here

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