Monday, April 7, 2014

Tuesday is Launch Day

A Whisper In Time releases on Tuesday!

It is the second book in the Whisper Falls trilogy--the part of the story that forms a bridge between Whisper Falls and the final book Whispers From the Past.  So, while there are no cliffhangers, A Whisper In Time leaves a few small "story threads" dangling that you'll have to wait until the third book to have resolved!

If you haven't read Whisper Falls (book #1)...

  • On Tuesday (Apr 8th), the price will drop to $1.99 on Whisper Falls - Kindle edition! The price drop will last throughout April.
  • We have a giveaway going. You could win a copy of Whisper Falls!
  • The first three chapters of Whisper Falls is available on scribd during the month of April.

I'll be posting every day this week with news and fun information about this series.

photo of purple iris

Here is an iris from my yard. It's my favorite flower. The weather was beautiful in North Carolina this weekend--and it is not so beautiful today. So I hope this photo cheers you up as much as it cheers me.

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