Thursday, April 10, 2014

I'm a mom today

I began to write in January 2000. My first 3 or 4 manuscripts were not good, but I was learning. Just like any sport or art form--whether it is ballet, sculpture, or basketball--you have to take lessons, practice, and not give up.

Fourteen years later, I have two books in print with two more coming out later this year. It was a long, hard journey, but it's finally paying off.

I have two daughters, both in college now.  For that whole 14 years, they had to put up with a lot. Messy house. Boring meals. A mother who wanted to be left alone at night.  And they were amazing about it (most of the time.)

Dear Daughter 1 has a chronic illness. Today she's having surgery to manage some of the symptoms.  For the next two days, I'll be camping out at the hospital. She's old enough to do this on her own--but I'm a mom. I can't stand not being there. So she's humoring me and letting me show up :)

I'll take my laptop with me, and I'll be writing in the waiting room. It would be too nerve-wracking otherwise. So losing myself in a new story is a great way to stay occupied.

Enjoy A Whisper In Time. And I'll see you when I get back.

P.S. If any of you have ordered a paperback and it hasn't shipped yet, hang it there. More copies are on the way.


  1. Best of luck to your daughter on her procedure to feel like a normal person. (Been there done that) I will definitely add you all to my prayers. Keep us posted!!!!

    1. Thank you. She is well and resting at home now!