Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reading books for a change

I read this weekend. Five books. Well, four and a half because I haven't finished the fifth one yet.

I read two of the books for pleasure. The first story was by my favorite author of contemporary romance. It just released a few days ago and I had to read it right away. (There are 200 books piled up on my e-reader app. This book jumped to the head of the pile.)

The second book was one I downloaded a week ago. It's a New Adult. I liked it a lot. The story was different and sweet and quietly lovely. I'd only intended to read the first few pages, but it hooked me.

The last three books... I was obligated to read them. I wouldn't have picked any of them by choice.

I belong to a writing group called Romance Writers of America. RWA. They have a contest for writers called The Ritas. This contest is like the Academy Awards for published authors.  It's the published book's version of an Oscar.

I was assigned eight entries for the Ritas. Since the scores are due in a week, I had to get those last three entries out of the way.  I'm judging my last entry tonight.

Even though it's an obligation, I don't mind.  Dozens of authors have helped me along the way.  I want to give back too. And I've discovered two new authors that I will likely continue to read.

Three of the entries are awful.  Two are good. Three are great.  It's been fun and unexpected.

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