Friday, February 28, 2014

Giveaway warning and countdown to A WHISPER IN TIME

The second book in the Whisper Falls trilogy is almost here. A Whisper In Time releases in 39 days!

With that in mind, I'm about to give away several copies of Whisper Falls (Book 1).

Let me make a quick comment about this trilogy.  My editors and I have tried hard to make it possible for someone to read the second book without reading the first. Most major plot twists from Book 1 get a sentence or two explanation in the sequel. So I don't think readers will be confused if they start with Book 2. (And, in fact, we asked a beta reader who had not read Book 1 to help us with that.)

However, I think it is best to read Whisper Falls before reading A Whisper In Time. The entire cast of characters is back. I build on the plot points. Even though there are no cliff-hangers in the first book, there were a handful of loose ends—little things you might be curious about.  Those loose ends become big problems in book 2.  Some of them are tied up, and some you'll have to wait until book 3 to see how they're resolved.

So stay tuned between now and the middle of March. I'll be giving away Whisper Falls in paperback (USA only) on Goodreads and as e-books through my blog.

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