Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Whisper Falls!

Today is the release day for Whisper Falls!

It has been a long time. Here are a few numbers to consider.

  • How long from contract to release? 559 days, 80 weeks, or 18 months
  • How long I wrote before publication? 14 years
  • How many books have I sold? 4 novels
  • How many words in Whisper Falls? 95,000 words
  • How many revision cycles? 5
  • How many sequels? 2
  • How many people offered editorial advice? 6
  • How many years did I research before beginning? 6
  • How many people do I owe a debt of gratitude to? countless

So, with that, let me say a big thank you to everyone who has participated in the process:
  • friends
  • historians and docents
  • school teachers
  • fellow authors
  • contest judges
  • extended family
  • cover artist
  • cover models
  • publisher
  • editors
  • agent
  • husband and daughters
  • readers

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