Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Author events in February

I've participated in more author events in February than any other month since my first book was published 4 years ago.

It's been so much fun! Of all the things I love about being an author, writing the stories is the best, and talking with readers is a close second.

I attended a book festival (which included a short talk in the nearby community library.) I also presented twice at regional libraries in our county system.

And I discovered an interesting paradox.

The talk at the community library had a lot of attendees--which is lovely to see. People came! They laughed at the appropriate times and asked questions. It was great.

I didn't have so many at the regional libraries--three attendees each. But they engaged with me. They didn't merely ask questions; they held a conversation. They told me about what they like to read. Sometimes, they told me about what they like to write.

So now I know that...
- Big crowds are good for my commitment to press on. They encourage me to keep writing. To keep publishing.
- Small crowds are good for my writer's soul. They remind me why we all do it--for the love of stories.

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