Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday is here--and The Possibility of Somewhere is on sale!

From Black Friday through Christmas, The Possibility of Somewhere (e-book) is on sale for $2.99 .

It's a great time to read this modern-day Pride&Prejudice between Eden-- a poor white "trailer park" girl-- and her academic rival Ash-- the son of wealthy, Asian immigrants.

Tell your friends. Or send it to them as a gift.

Here is what people have said about The Possibility of Somewhere:

"Julia Day's modern day tale of Romeo and Juliet meets Pride and Prejudice will touch your heart." - Katie McGarry, bestselling author of Pushing The Limits

"How do I explain the total awesomeness of The Possibility Of Somewhere??? ... Eden & Ash rule my ships!" - Laura's Book Addiction

"To some extent...Eden reminded me of myself. I grew up in trailer parks more often than not, had little money, wanted to go to college, was fairly good with grades but not as good as Eden, and I had and still have to this day problems with socialization. She is wary of others, keeps to herself a lot, and while our reasoning may be different, the results are the same..." - Brandi's Book Blog

"An engaging read...full of drama..." - School Library Journal

"The Possibility of Somewhere is a stunning novel. I have not heard people talking about this book nearly enough. More people need to read The Possibility of Somewhere. It is breathtakingly fantastic." - Michelle at Book Briefs

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