Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy birthday to Sara's book!

It's the book birthday for Wish You Were Here!

This book concludes the I Wish series. Over 3 books, Grant has helped Lacey, Kimberley, and (finally) Sara to work through some of the hardest issues of their lives.

Grant has been such a fun, amazing, and varied character to write. I'm sorry to say good-bye to him. And the 3 friends as well. (Although this book is Sara's story, you'll see plenty of Kimberley and Lacey, too.) If you asked me which one was my favorite, I'm not sure that I could pick. I loved each of these young women while I wrote their stories--and I knew that I just had to make sure, by the end of Wish You Were Here, we all had hints of what the future held for them and Grant.

Here is a tiny excerpt from the book, where Sara is reflecting on her own birthday.

     Today was my birthday. Nineteen.
     It was one of those boring birthdays. At eighteen, we became adults. At twenty, we left our teens behind. At twenty-one, we could legally drink, which made us dangerous in a lot of ways.
     But nineteen? Meh. A prime number. A non-descript bridge between possibilities and probabilities.
     It was the first birthday I would celebrate without my twin, which elevated nineteen from non-descript to poignant.

For now, Wish You Were Here is available in e-book only. It will be available in paperback later in the summer. Buy links for e-books are:

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