Sunday, February 21, 2016

Writing at a weekend retreat

I will soon be heading off for a weekend away with four writer-friends.  Once there, we will spend all of our waking hours writing or revising our works-in-progress. At least, that's the plan.
Mountain retreat, 2014

We've been doing this for nearly a decade. Twice each year, we rent lodging an hour or more away from Raleigh. We arrive, claim a bedroom, stock the refrigerator with food (not the healthy kind!), and park our butts in the living room to write, write, write.

Normally, we head for the beach or the mountains. This year, it will be Pinehurst, which is a good thing. None of us golf; ergo, no distractions.

I have two goals: (1) make progress on edits of Wish You Were Here (I Wish #3) and (2) begin drafting a new book (as yet untitled.)

Perhaps this sounds like a working weekend. But really, it's not. I love to write. I love hanging out with my "retreat buddies". And I love indulging in a sleep/eat/read schedule with no one to judge!

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