Monday, September 21, 2015

3 weeks until Wishing for You

The second book in the I Wish series is almost here. Wishing for You launches on October 13!

Wishing for You tells the story of Kimberley Rey, the best friend of Lacey from book 1. Kimberley has a memory disability, and Grant is there to help her as she faces high school graduation and choosing a college.

Here's a sneak peek excerpt:

A puff of blue smoke curled from the center of the pocket watch, swirling lazily in the air before dissipating near the foot of my four-poster bed. In its place appeared one of the hottest guys I’d ever met—every bit as gorgeous now as he’d been the last time I’d seen him months ago. “Grant?”

“Hello.” He watched me calmly, his hands clasped behind his back.

He hadn’t walked through the door. He’d simply materialized out of the blue smoke, which ought to have been impossible but clearly wasn’t. There were plenty of things wrong with my brain, but hallucinations were not one of them. “Where did you come from?”

“I live in the watch. I entered from there.”

Although his answer was completely crazy, he’d said it in a mildly polite tone as if appearing out of smoke were an ordinary occurrence. I would remain mild, too. For now. “Really? Does that sort of thing happen by magic?”

“An adequate description of the process.” His green-glass eyes glittered in the light from the lamp. “You don’t seem shocked by my unorthodox arrival.”

“I should be, but you’re right. I’m not.”

Wishing for You is available for pre-order.
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(If you haven't had a chance to read book 1 yet, I Wish has a new everyday low price of $2.99 for e-books!
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