Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lies your high school may not know they told you

I'm an author but, more importantly, I'm a mom. I have two unconventional kids who, a few short years ago, struggled to get their secondary educational needs met. Their health-related issues forced me to search for unconventional solutions to getting them through high school.

When public high schools didn't work out, we looked into private schools, on-line schools, and home schools.  I learned a lot along the way. I'll write a series of posts that discuss alternatives to conventional education.

A couple of disclaimers:
  • I live in North Carolina, USA. My knowledge is heavily based on the way things are here. Other states and countries may have different expectations and statutes.
  • My kids have simple goals. They want quiet college degrees and good jobs. They do not aspire to Ivy League universities or jobs that require advanced degrees or training. If you are (or parent) a student who has aspirations to attend a top-tier university with dreams of landing a highly-competitive job, these posts are not for you.
My daughter suggested the name Lies your high school may not know they told you--because we don't believe that most educators are hiding this information or deliberately misleading students.  It's likely they don't know it either.

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