Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I WISH question - Who would be in the dream cast for I WISH?

Who would be in the dream cast for I WISH?

I would love to see I WISH made into a movie, so (naturally) I've thought about who ought to be cast. I'd never be allowed to influence that--but it doesn't hurt to dream!

Here goes. My dream cast.

Lacey Linden

I see Hayley McFarland as the heroine of I WISH. Like Lacey, Hayley looks sweet, fun, and friendly--with a hint of steely resolve when she needs it.

Eli Harper

Eli is Lacey's high-school friend and Henry's soccer coach. Eli is biracial, hot, and athletic. I see Jacob Artist (from Glee) as Eli.

Kimberley Rey

Kimberley is Lacey's best friend. She is Latina and disabled, struggling with lingering issues from childhood leukemia. I think that Christian Serratos would make the perfect Kimberley.


Our hero Grant

When I first wrote I WISH, Grant was blond. He stayed that way through multiple drafts, long enough for me to think that he looked like Theo James.

 Then I worked with the cover designer for I WISH. She let me choose the male model whose face we would license for the book covers. (We only used his eye on the cover for book 1.)

image by FanAboutTown
Before long, whenever I would think of Grant, I would see the face of the cover model. So I changed Grant to have brown hair. He kept his green eyes, because all benevolent supernatural beings are green-eyed.

When I went out looking for an actor with brown hair and the right height (approx. 6 ft), I found an actor named Grant--and he has green eyes.  Grant Gustin (The Flash) is perfect!

(Images for all but Gustin were found on wikipedia.)

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