Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I WISH for more ways to win

I Wish releases November 18th. Tell us what you wish for...and you'll be entered to win prizes.

  • I Wish...there were no calories in ice cream.
  • I house could clean itself.
  • I Wish...(you fill in the blank and post to twitter with hashtag #IWishSHP)

There are a lot of prizes: 3 big prizes and 30 smaller ones. (See the rafflecopter widget below.)

You could win:

 a copper heart bracelet

a temporary tattoo

and more!

The Grand Prize and 2nd prizes are open to US and Canada residents.

The 3rd prizes are open internationally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you curious why we picked heart tattoos or bracelets?  It's because they're important to the story.  So I'll leave you with a paragraph from I Wish where Grant (the genie) draws a henna tattoo on the wrist of Lacey (his master). 

  "Hold out your left wrist and close  your eyes."
  I did as he said and waited. A touch like the flutter of a butterfly's wing tickled my wrist. It wove in and out, tracing curves and circles. I remained still long after the fluttering stopped.
  "Done," he said.
  I opened my eyes and gasped. "It's gorgeous, Grant."
  "Thank you."
  I studied the design. It had tiny, overlapping leaves. Or were they hearts? The tattoo glowed against my skin, crisp and intricate in a beautiful coppery-brown.

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