Friday, September 5, 2014

Free astronomy book that is accessible to all!

A good friend of mine, Willie the Seeing Eye Dog, has written a great blog post about a cool new textbook on astronomy. This e-book, Reach for the Stars, is *free* from Apple iStore and bristles with gorgeous images from the Hubble telescope (enhanced by amazing new digital technologies).

Want to know what's even better? The scientific content is completely accessible to children of all abilities. Visually impaired students can love this book as much as their classmates.

Here are the types of people that I think will enjoy this book.

  • Students who are visually impaired
  • Kids of all abilities, especially in grades 4-6, who enjoy astronomy
  • Science teachers
  • Anyone with a fascination for the stars!
  • Authors who are curious about the amazing technologies that can enhance a digital book

Please share the link to Willie's blog with students, science enthusiasts (of all ages), as well as families and teachers of the visually impaired. (You must have an iPad to download this free book.)

And check out this video. (Willie has it embedded in his blog too.)

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