Monday, August 4, 2014

Google alerts

I get google alerts, to let me know when my books are being mentioned in cyberspace.

Sometimes the news is good. Sometimes not. A lot of the time, I learn about piracy sites. Those book pirates are clever people. Creepy, but clever.

Worth noting: Whispers from the Past is not available. It releases October 7th. Unless you get an ARC from me (and I don't have any), you cannot read it yet. Piracy sites don't have copies. Don't click on their links. (Well, you shouldn't anyway--'cause it's illegal, unethical, and you'll get malware.)

This past week, I have a nice review from a youth services librarian in West Virginia.  I also had an author-friend, Hope Ramsay, mention Whisper Falls as a good summer read.

Those two alerts are the kind I like best!

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