Sunday, June 29, 2014

FROZEN the movie

My daughter convinced me that I simply must watch Frozen. (I have a bad habit of referring to it as "Let It Go." I don't think I'll do that anymore.)

Okay, that was a great movie. Wow. And not what I expected from Disney.  I thought it was wonderful that the strongest relationship in the film is between two sisters. I loved that a sympathetic character had unsympathetic qualities. The music was lovely. The animation, gorgeous.

We need more films like Frozen.


  1. Frozen is an amazing movie and I love it too :) Best of all was that they had found inspiration from Norway, my beautiful country.

    1. I went on vacation to Norway last year. It is beautiful!

  2. I haven't watched Frozen yet, and although I know it's cute and amazing, I'm just not into the whole storyline. I was so excited to have a movie based on The Snow Queen fairytale, and then everything changed. All that was left was Elsa's ability to control snow that was similiar to the story. I was definitely disappointed.