Monday, January 7, 2013

It takes a village

I have become an unapologetic user of people. Everyone I meet becomes a potential source of information for my next book. No one is exempt.

  • Tom-the-personal-trainer offers me insights into the mindset of male athletes. 
  • My physical therapist helps me figure out how to hurt people (and, not surprisingly, he is very good at that). 
  • My nurse practitioner advises me on how long it takes for untreated wounds to become infected (when she's not taking care of me). 
  • My cousin (who is studying to be an English professor) can now serve as my finger-on-the-pulse of academia.
  • All female acquaintances with teenage sons are now my new best friends. 

Yesterday, I had brunch with a friend and two of her amazing kids.  One will soon be a secondary English teacher (yay! another finger-on-the-pulse). The other is a male high school senior.  Poor guy. I had a list of questions waiting for him. If he could have any classic car, which one? What types of sport teams are available in college?  How much do teen soccer players know about knee injuries?

WARNING to all males 14-18: Avoid me if you don't like talking to earnest old ladies. I have an endless supply of things I want to understand about your world.

So, friends, I may be unapologetic about picking your brain, but I am also deeply grateful.  It may be my mind assembling the puzzle pieces of the plot and my voice choosing the words, but it is your knowledge, experiences, and generosity that provide the building blocks.

I thank you all!

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