Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Counting down...

Whisper Falls releases in precisely fourteen months.  That's only 426 days away.

Seems like a long time to you?  Well, it seems like a long time to me too.  But I'm still crazy busy.  In addition to the day job and paying attention on occasion to my family, I have two other books to write and a debut novel to finesse.  I've spent the last two weekends on research trips. I've bought a gazillion reference books. And, along with my publisher, I'll be revealing the cover to Whisper Falls in 8 days.  I really have to learn how to pace myself.

Perhaps the coolest busy-ness of all is booking promotional events.  Yes, indeed, they are trickling in.  I've penciled several events into my calendar already, such as:
  • A blog interview in January
  • Book Expo America (BEA) in May
  • A possible readers conference next summer
  • A possible TV interview next summer
I want to say 'yes' to everything.  I hope that's realistic.  Of course, I can't neglect the day job. Or the daughters. Or the husband...

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