Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo Op

I experienced a rite of passage today. I had my author photos made.

Normally, I hate having my photograph made.  Really hate it.  If you look at pictures from family gatherings, I am either not there or in the back in the shadows.  If you look in my daughters' baby books, there are virtually no Mom shots.

Oddly, I didn't have the same reaction to this.  A professional author photo is a requirement.  I am a professional author.  Ergo, photo shoot.

Planning this event was a long, multi-stage process.

  • I hired a photographer, based on a recommendation. I went to the studio's website and was delighted with the examples of the Aimee's work.  (Of course, she wouldn't be in business for long if her gallery was full of bad shots.)  I contacted her. She stated her a fee. I stated my willingness to pay it. We settled on a location, which didn't work out, so we settled on a different one. 
  • I made a hair appointment. Pam has been my stylist for years--and begged me, for years, to color my hair.  I gave her the go-ahead.  Well, more like a half-go-ahead.  We agreed to take the edge off the gray.  
  • I had to pick something to wear.  I own lots of blue shirts, but none struck me as exactly right. I tried on purple, coral, red, and yellow.  Still not satisfied.  So I went out and bought a new blue shirt in a shade I didn't have--medium cobalt.  (I have dark cobalt and light cobalt already--so medium cobalt is a welcome addition.)

The big day arrived.

My hair received a little more than the half-go-ahead.  More like 90% of the edge came off the gray. I have brown hair again.  But this too shall pass.

The medium cobalt top was well worth its sales price.  And I even put on makeup.

All was ready. Until the thunderstorms rolled in.  Boo hiss.  The location for the photo shoot was outside.

The photographer and I conversed via email and decided to proceed.

Fortunately, the sky cleared.  The arboretum was lovely, cool, and sparkly with real raindrops.  And fifteen minutes later, it was done.

I won't see the results until Monday.  But it was a lot of fun.

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